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The Process

Large modern shaker island, mid manufacture in our Lincolnshire workshop.

Large modern shaker island, mid manufacture in our Lincolnshire workshop.


How does the process work?

For a lot of people the idea of commissioning something made bespoke and just for them seems both complicated and daunting. At Chester & Morris we strive to ensure that this is simply not the case. We believe that every step of the process of making your dream kitchen should be a pleasure, from start to finish. By keeping completely honest and transparent working relationships with our clients, and working together on their project, we guarantee to keep the process enjoyable and productive.

Making initial contact.

It couldn't be easier to get in touch with us, either by email, telephone of even via one of our social media feeds, such as Instagram. We are always happy to have an informal chat about your project, and help you decide if we are the cabinet makers for you. If you already have some plans and inspiration for your kitchen, then feel free to send us some ideas right from the start. We value any input which can help us get a feel for how you envisage your dream kitchen, and encourage our clients to be involved in the design process throughout its progression.

First meeting.

After having had a brief discussion about your kitchen, either via email, messages or phone, we will arrange an initial meeting at a time to suit you. If the space where the kitchen is to reside already exists, then ideally we will meet at the site, however if the building is yet to be constructed we can work off the architects plans at this stage. There are a few things that we will need to find out at this point. These will include schedules for completion of the work, information on any other trades that need to be brought in and liaised with, budget, dimensions of the space and early thoughts on the design. Before this meeting we encourage the client to collect any ideas they have for their kitchen, and bring them at this point. This could take the form of a sketch, a scrap book, or our personal favourite, a Pinterest board. The goal is for us to leave you with a strong, positive image of what you are hoping to achieve, and take that back with us for the initial design stage. Between this point and the second meeting we may also make contact via email to get feedback on some ideas, and make sure we are steering the project down the right path.

Second meeting.

At the second meeting we will have prepared the drawings for the initial design concept, and may have collated some material samples. Hopefully we left the first meeting with a good grip on your ideas, and have designed things just as you want them. If however there are parts that you do not like, or that you want to amend, this meeting gives us a chance to talk them through. At this meeting we will discuss start dates and completion schedules, as well as providing a firm quote for the design idea presented. If amendments are required these will be made, and sent through for approval, along with any changes to the quote. Once you are one hundred percent happy with the design and the quotation provided, we will sign a contract outlining the scope of the work and take a deposit to secure your production slot.

In the workshop

We will specify the date that your kitchen will begin being manufactured in your contract. If you would like to be involved in the manufacture process, and come and see your kitchen being made, we can arrange for you to visit the workshop and do so. How long this process takes obviously varies, and will depend on the size and the complexity of the project, but we would normally expect 4-8weeks for production and pre-finishing. At the end of this time, your kitchen cabinetry will be packed and traditionally blanket wrapped ready for delivery to site.


Assuming we have been commissioned to install you kitchen (this is normally the case, but we are happy to provide all the cabinetry for your own fitter should you desire), we will deliver the cabinetry the day before scheduled installation. The fitting process again varies depending on the scale of the project, but will generally take 1-2weeks to complete, including any on site painting. If you are having stone or solid surface worksurfaces these will be templated at this point ready for machining. Should you still be living in the house whilst this process is happening, we will provide temporary worktops so that you can continue to use the kitchen until your granite is ready to be installed.

Final Inspection

Once the kitchen is finished, and you have had time to move back in and live with the space, we will arrange to meet with you on site for a final inspection (ordinarily this would be about two weeks after completeion). We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results, and if you do have any queries this meeting is there to give you an opportunity to raise them. Once this has been completed, we will ask that you sign off the kitchen as finished, and we will provide you with a folder with any relevant documentation, warranties or care guides needed for any components or appliances that have been installed.

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the process of getting your kitchen made, and answers any concerns or questions you may have. If however you are unsure, or want any further details, please go to our contact page and get in touch.





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