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Avocado Suite Syndrome

Avoiding a flash in the pan trend!

Not as timeless as they maybe hoped it would be, avoiding a flash in the pan trend is a must for such a large purchase like a kitchen, here are some tips to help you out!

Not as timeless as they maybe hoped it would be, avoiding a flash in the pan trend is a must for such a large purchase like a kitchen, here are some tips to help you out!

When it comes to colour, there is always that overwhelming urge to jump on to that season's must have palette. But beware, what is today's must have, could soon be tomorrow's avocado bathroom suite! But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the latest colour trends, the art is knowing where and when to use them. 

One easy and simple way to use that latest colour but not commit too heavily to a decision you might later regret is to accessorise. Careful selection of a homogeneous selection of accessories can have a huge impact on the overall tone of a kitchen. Think you want to try this year's trend for copper and add a copper sink, tap or handles? Why not try a copper kettle and toaster or some hanging racks with copper pans? Maybe you want to make a statement with tangerine? Instead of opting for a wall of vibrant cabinet doors you could try a bright bread bin and coffee machine. The joy of accessories is that they represent a small investment, and can be changed easily for another trend when the mood takes you.

Traditional hand-painted kitchen furniture has one huge advantage in this department, it can be re-painted. Not only does this mean that it can be refreshed when it is starting to look a little tired or old, but also that it can be completely transformed with a change of colour. Combine this with some new handles, and you could completely transform your kitchen. This gives you the chance to be far bolder with colour choices than say a vinyl wrapped mass produced kitchen, knowing you can change your choice years down the line at a relatively small expense, and with limited disruption.

So what colours should you go for? It seems an obvious shout, but neutral tones are always going to be a safe bet. White has been hugely popular in recent years, especially in the American market, but pure brilliant white isn't always the most practical choice for family kitchens. Despite being very on trend for the last five years or so, grey is still subdued enough to remain pretty much timeless looking, and offer some longevity to your kitchen colour scheme. The art of picking a good base colour for your cabinetry is to follow one of two simple rules. One is to find something that will be timeless in its surroundings. For example, creams will never look out of place in a traditional farmhouse kitchen, and rich tones like dark blues will always work in a Victorian townhouse, be it today or twenty years from now. The second option is to choose something that will work well with any other statement colour. Off-whites or pale greys are great in this respect, but be sure to try a colour sample in the rooms natural light before you make a final decision. Cooler grey tones often work better in this regard, as the browner, earthy tones of warmer greys can be hard to get to work well with a lot of brighter statement colours, limiting your choices down the line. 

Picking a bold colour is by no means a no-no, and a truly great design will still be a great design no matter how trends evolve around it. But with a kitchen representing quite a large financial investment in your home, it really is wise to look at where you want to make your statement, and get the best value, longevity and enjoyment from your purchase.


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